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All Natural and Organic

ADIMA Indigo powder, a natural hair dye solution that will also provide nourishment and strength to the hair.

ADIMA Henna powder, herbal hair color to give rich auburn color and natural lustrous look

Our Story

For People Who Love HERBALS

For the past 24 years we have been an integral part of the herbal cosmetics business with an aim to provide quality driven products to the customers. Kiran Enterprises was established in the year 1998 by introducing an incredible range of herbal cosmetics under its own brand name MAYURI. And now we are here in year 2022 thinking about how can we improve ourselves, our products, reach a much wider audience and cater the needs of many more. The interesting part is, now we have the answer to the “how”. We are introducing…

What Our Customers Say

I shifted to Mayuri products a while before and I can simply feel the difference in my skin. Pretty excited to see what they are bringing on the table with Adima
Sanchit Budhiraja
Being one of the oldest customers of Mayuri, it’s safe to say that amongst all these products in the market with their fake claims to be 100% natural and herbal, it’s good to see a company actually focusing on this.
Sheetal Agarwal
The products are so simple and effective, always reflecting a homely essence through them.
Asmitha Asokan
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